Take control of your facilities by making sense of your energy

Sub-metering solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers.

The demand for greater control, management and understanding of energy consumption in today’s businesses, fuelled by increasing energy costs and environmental pressure has driven the demand for intelligent “smarter” metering.

This together with ever more sophisticated monitoring and reporting tools has empowered business owners, enabling them to make informed energy management decisions.

Sub-metering offers the ability to monitor energy usage for individual departments, pieces of equipment or other loads individually to account for their actual energy usage. With sub-metering, a clear and accurate picture of how and when energy is being consumed inside a building is created.

Only when you understand today can you influence tomorrow.

Installing sub-metering will not save energy on its own. However a carefully designed metering strategy will provide the energy or facilities manager the data they need to make informed decisions based on how and where energy is being consumed.

CTS specialise in the delivery of multi-utility MID approved, sub-metering installations in addition to data logging and delivery services that fully integrate with established fiscal systems to enable the effective management of energy consumption.

Together with our Aspects energy monitoring software solution and reporting tools, this helps empower facility managers and business owners, enabling them to make informed energy management decisions.

What can be sub-metered?

A key element of today’s sustainable building management system, sub-meters acquire and transmit a variety of energy data parameters for analysis and reporting through the BMS for common area cost allocation, fair and accurate tenant billing, power factor penalty identification, utility meter shadowing and other energy-saving capabilities of tangible value to the facility’s operational bottom line. The level of profiling needed by high-volume energy consumers is simply unobtainable using the standard utility meter found at the main electrical service entrance. That’s why growing numbers of facilities are using sub-meters to help identify opportunities to reduced energy costs.

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