Understanding what you use gives you control

We understand that in today’s climate, organisations don’t just have to take good care of their cash flow: they also have a duty to reduce their impact on the environment. This cannot be achieved without access to comprehensive energy consumption data.

With CTS Energy Services data collection and aggregation (DC/DA) service you could get a clearer and more accurate understanding of how much energy your business uses, and help identify whether you could make significant energy savings and carbon reductions.

Good quality data is essential for managing your energy consumption and ensuring that you only pay for what you use. We can provide you with high quality data because we operate the complete metering, collection and aggregation process on your behalf as an integrated service, helping to maximise accuracy and minimise the risk of data issues affecting your supply bill.

An integrated end-to-end service

Combining our DC/DA services, we collect your meter data remotely and then create a consumption profile, which is provided to you via Aspects, our energy monitoring and management software.

Using this package you can view detailed consumption data and vital management information from across all your sites in one place. The data is also broken down into half-hourly intervals, so you can fully appreciate how your energy consumption changes throughout the day.

Full DC/DA service available through our partners

Choose CTS Energy Services to monitor and measure your energy and gain a comprehensive data management service backed up by our detailed knowledge of energy metering and management.

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